Monday, July 7, 2008

My Random Thoughts are JUST This Important

So lately, it seems EVERYONE has a blog, why not me. My random thoughts are just as valid as the next person's right?

So here's entry #1

The Joy and Pain of .... Million Dollar Password

I am as I writing this blog, there is a very large, overly enthusiastic black gay man.... is trying to get a "Star" of High School Musical to guess the word "Emerald" from the clues "Wiz", "Green", and "City" and he is getting MAD that she was not getting it!!!

This makes me weep for the state of the world.

I know everyone says "It's so much different when you are actually there!" but COME ON. The people come on and are INCREDIBLY confident that they KNOW how to play this game, and yet so many open their mouths and nothing but absurdly fractured streams of consciousness come out.

It didn't used to be this way.

Allen Ludden clearly ran a FAR tighter ship than Regis (Hell even Burt Convey ran a tighter ship and he had to deal with the Markie Post!)

Back in the good old days (and Yes, I am talking like I am an 80 year old woman... just go with me here... k?) Password was not this over blown spectacle with an annoying old man yelling at you while you gave and received clues. It had some class and style..... and Betty White.

I miss the announcer golf whispering "The Password is... asphyxiation" and feeling like I was in on some grand secret.

I especially miss the words actually leading up to something: "Asphyxiayion, Australia, Singer, Death" OHH it's Michael Hutchence!

But like so many other "Primetime gameshows" nowadays, the specticle has to outweigh the actual worth of the show, and as someone who grew up on gameshows, and still harbors a deep and real love for them, this just kills me to watch.

Gone is the kitsch and content, replaced by overblown lights, sound, and Regis.

I'm not telling you to NOT watch Million Dollar Password, in all honesty the stupidity of modern "celebrities" is worth the watch in and of itself, but if you have not witnessed the joys of Password or Super Password, don't let this rancid remake taint your view of a truly entertaining game.

I think that may be the end of my rant.... The Password is.... Dissappointed.

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